Ladies’ meetings

Yes – that’s right. A series of events for ladies – to get to know each other better. Here at Eastgate we recognise that women and men are different, although all equally loved by God. We also know that there are benefits in getting together and that is why we celebrate our uniqueness!

Ladies’ Meetings

Every 2 months (usually (but not always) the 4th Friday of the month) there is an event in the church hall or at someone’s home, to which all the ladies are welcome. Stella Stephens, Rachel White and Barbara Dart are the organisers. The aim is to have different events – recognising that we are all different and some events will suit some, and others will suit others. It may be a meal of some sort; an afternoon tea; a games evening; a quiz; a DVD; an outing. If you have an idea you would like to suggest – talk to one of the three organisers. Coming up:

  • Friday 25th August – cream tea and art exhibition at Joy Harper’s 17:30 – 20:30. Cover charge £2.50
  • Friday 27th October – film night
  • Friday 1st December (early this month so as not to conflict with events later in the month!)

Interested and want to know more? Contact Stella or Rachel or Barbara or contact the church.