First visit

Many people feel a little uneasy about going to a church for the first time. If you wish you can have a sneak preview of what the church looks like inside. This might be helpful to know about our Sunday Services ……

  • Just turn up! There is no dress code – some dress smartly, others are casual. Wear what makes you feel comfortable
  • You will be welcomed at the front door of the church and made to feel welcome.  There are Welcome Packs available for new visitors, feel free to ask for one.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask either the person  who welcomed you, or ask anyone around you
  • If you have youngsters with you, ask about any special activities and at what point in the service they will be able to go out and who with.
  • If you need the toilet at any time, you will find the toilets in the entrance lobby to the church hall, next door to the main church building. There is a disabled toilet also available. There is also a disabled toilet located in the main church building.
  • You can choose to sit anywhere you like.  At the moment we are not using the gallery and seating is around tables in a Breakfast Church format.  However we are also able to rearrange seating for special services whenever we want to. If you use a hearing aid with a ‘T’ setting you would be best to sit in the central area of the ground floor as there is an ‘induction loop’ in that area
  • Bibles will be available, which you are welcome to use during the service, if you cannot find one please ask.
  • We usually stand up to sing (but don’t have to), and sit down at all other times. We aren’t in the habit of kneeling to pray – we just sit with our heads bowed and our eyes closed. The leader of the service will indicate when to stand up and sit down, and you can’t go very far wrong by just copying everyone else. The songs and hymns are shown on the overhead screens at the front of the church.
  • See details of a typical service for more on what happens during the service
  • At the moment we are not serving refreshments in the hall after the service finishes but tea and coffee can be available, just introduce yourself and enquire – we woudl love to meet you.

We hope that you will so enjoy your first visit that you make a return visit.

Most people find it takes time and effort to get to know Christianity, but that it is very worthwhile. Take as long as you need!

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