Typical service

We are currently reviewing our Sunday format so things may change over the next few weeks, as we are choosing to do things a little differently due to the pandemic restrictions, but there are a number of ingredients to an average service.  At the moment some people are choosing to come directly to the church where we offer the chance to be socially distanced if preferred; athough face masks are no long mandatory it is still an individual choice and most people still wear them.  We are also running our morning services on Zoom – ID and password can be obtained on request from Rev Oliver Stopp – see the contact us section.

These are a few of the standard things that you could expect at Eastgate on a Sunday morning:

  • Songs. We enjoy singing both new songs and old hymns.  At the moment we are using a mixture of videos and u-tube Christian songs.  The words are projected onto the screens at the front. If you don’t feel comfortable singing, please don’t feel you have to.  We also have someone playing the organ and also the violin, just before the service.
  • Prayers. Prayer is like a conversation with God. We know from experience that God answers prayer. Feel free to join in, or just listen
  • Bible readings. There are Bibles available for you to use if you wish, or you can just sit and listen.
  • My story. Sometimes one of the congregation tells the story of their own spiritual journey.
  • Talk. In the talk (sermon) the speaker explains from the Bible what God wants us to know today.  At the moment we are having a short topical talk followed by a more in depth talk, often on a theme.
  • Offering. Due to the current situation, we no longer hand round an offering bag, but there is a basket available on a desk on the way out should you wish to leave a donation.  Most weeks, the offering goes directly to the church for maintenance, mission etc., but occasionally we have a ‘special’ offering which is given to a specific cause.  If you are a visitor or new to the church – please don’t feel obliged to give!
  • Communion. One Sunday morning a month we celebrate communion during a service. (Communion, the Lord’s Supper, and the Eucharist are all different names for the same thing.) It is something Jesus told us to do and it involves bread and wine (we have grape juice). If you are a Christian then you are welcome to take part. If not, don’t worry – there is no pressure to take part.

There is more information if this will be your first visit, or if you may have children or teenagers with you.